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Laser Metal Profiles Introduction

Welcome to Laser Metal Profiles first Blog Post!!!


     As this is the inaugural post for the Laser Metal Blog, I would like to introduce the company and where we are presently. 


     Laser metal Profiles was founded in 2002 with the goal of offering the highest quality parts from laser processed steel.  For those outside of the industry, LMP uses laser cutters to cut steel into shapes that are only limited by the imagination and purpose of the customer.  We are capable of cutting basic shapes such as rectangle and circles and we are also capable of processing metal into extremely intricate profiles.  Our gallery page has some images that showcase our capabailities.


     Getting back to LMP, we have been around since 2002 and we haven't really stopped moving forward.   We have expanded to 3 Laser processing centers including 1 Fiber laser which represents the latest laser processing technology.  It has dispensed with the traditional CO2 laser technology and uses diode technology to generate the beam.  But the real innovation is the beam delivery system.  The beam is delivered by using fiber optic cable.  Theoretiaclly, this delivery system does not suffer any degredation in beam intensity for approximately 80 km's.  A laser that has a table length of 80 km's is not practical but that now theoretically makes a laser table size of 120" x 600" possible.  Plywood sized plates may no longer be a limitation as the technology is developed and perfected further.


     As you can see, Laser Metal Profiles is constantly exploring news and better technology to serve the market and become a technology and service leader in the industry.  LMP is constantly planning for the future.  Tune into to our website on a regular basis for new blog posts and exciting news regarding future plans and directions for Laser Metal Profiles and its business partners.


Thanks for tuning in and we hope to see you back again!!!!


The Laser Metal Profiles Team.

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